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Insignia Sold Separately

Price: $19.99

Product Code: GHDAK

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Field Cap made famous by Rommel's Afrika Korps. These were worn by Heer troops in North Afrika, Italy and the Mediterranean theater. Made from the same 100% cotton, olive color stepped line twill cloth as the tunics and trousers, and lined in red cloth. These caps were pattern from our originals, and unlike other reproductions have the correct "puff" at the peak.

Color: Made in the correct olive color, copied directly from an original uniform. The kahki/ beige color of used originals came from being exposed
to bright sunlight. When new, most German "Tropical" clothing was olive.

Insignia: We do not sew insignia on caps anymore.

These caps are one size large when new. Why? Because they shrink.

How to shrink them to fit?
Simple. Get it wet (no washing machines or dryers!), then let it dry.

Can they be bleached for the "Afrikaner" look?
Yes. This was done with Clorox Cleanup spray in an afternoon. I got it wet (just water) then sprayed it with the cleaner and let it dry in the sun. I had to repeat it four times to get it this light. Then I sewed the insignia on. However, it ate 3 holes in the fabric, and the lining looks tie-dyed. (You can see tears beside the cockade and above the eagle.) Obviously if you do this, it is not returnable.

Cap after bleaching