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Reproduction FJ Helmet Shell, High Quality
Reproduction FJ Helmet Shell, High Quality

Price: $74.99

Product Code: GHFJSH

Here's the original we had copiedBoth are 2.45lbs

Reproduciton WWII German Paratrooper Helmet shells, size 71. These are the ones we had made 15 years ago directly from my original shell- the weight, thickness, and rolled rim are a match. No, we do not have an analysis of the exact metallurgical composition of the steel. Feel free to send one off to the lab of your choice and we'll be glad to publish the results. (Yes, someone will ask for this.)

The reason we are finally selling shells is that the company supplying the liners went out of business and we have never been able to get more liners to finish building helmets.

All are stamped CKL 71 as shown in the photo.

The color is a very good fieldgray- however, they have been stacked and moved several times over the years and most have at least a few small scuffs or chips in the paint. If this is unacceptable, then do not order one.

This listing if for the shell only. Spanner bolts and chinstraps sold separately.

- Liners? We have no source for them.

- Will the cheap repro liners fit? No idea. The bolt holes on these shells align exactly with the ORIGINALS.