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Texled SS Officer M43 Field Cap
Texled SS Officer M43 Field Cap

Price: $89.99

Product Code: GHGM43SSOR

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Waffen SS Officer's M43 Einheitsfeldm├╝tze. Assembled with 2-piece insignia, skull on the front, eagle on the side. This variation was worn by all units of the Waffen SS.

We have used "EM" insignia on these caps- from reference books and examining original SS and Heer officer caps, it seems that EM insignia was actually the most typical.

Lining: Yes, I am aware that several people would like us to use the rayon (satin/silk/smooth stuff) lining. We did experiment with the rayon and it has several disadvantages over the cotton- and no, cost isn't one. The rayon tends to wravel very easily and can look sloppy, and the cotton twill is cooler and more comfortable on your head. That's why I made the call to go with the cotton.

Patterned directly from a dis-assembled WWII cap, these fit, form and look just like the originals. All the small details are duplicated: bonded cardboard visor stiffener (not plastic), binding tape under the scallop seam, ear muff loops, corded Reece buttoholes, gray cotton, 10cm peak, and machine sewn insignia. The binding tape is original WWII. I know, wow....
The field-gray 100% wool fabric is made in Germany. There is no material more accurate- or expensive.

Assembled in USA.