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Marsh Helmet Cover, Original Material
Marsh Helmet Cover, Original Material

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GHHCMAR


Heer Helmet Covers made from original Marsh 44 pattern HBT cloth. This material was found a few years ago in Europe and has been used to make numerous caps and uniforms, most, sadly, of dubious quality. Fortunately, we know how to do it right....
The pattern was made directly from original Heer helmet covers. I cut the parts from different panels of fabric to duplicate the shaded characteristics of WWII production items. The covers are then sewn together with a mix of original threads, and the correct stitch length. Even the draw cord is original WWII material.

Authenticity: Some collectors still insist there were never covers made in Marsh camouflage. Enough clearly factory-made originals exist to prove that wrong. I have encountered them in rayon and the coated poplin material used for the anti-gas suits. HBT no, but I would not rule them out after some of the wacky period items that have turned up. It's real material and they look great, so it's your call.