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Original M40 Helmet, shell size 64
Original M40 Helmet, shell size 64

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German Helmet shell/ liner size*:


Shell Size 64's can use 56cm or 57cm liners only. (US size 7 or 7 1/8). LARGER LINERS WILL NOT FIT.

The M40 showed the first simplification in the WWII German helmets. The only difference between this and the M35 is the air vent simply is stamped into the shell rather than a separate piece pressed in. Visually, the two are identical from more than 12 inches. Rolled rim.
Restored WWII German Helmets
These helmets are as close as you can get to unissued German WWII combat helmets. They are made using original WWII steel shells and reproduction liners and chinstraps. The shells are stripped of all old paint, primed, then sprayed with acrylic lacquer. The paint was color matched to an original helmet. Then the shells are heat cured at several hundred degrees and then hardened in cold water. This makes the paint much more durable than simply air drying. Afterwards, exact reproduction liners and chinstraps are installed.

Original parts for sale?
We do not sell German helmet shells on their own nor do we stock any original liners, liner parts or orginal chinstraps.

Old Helmets:
These steel helmet shells are original WWII. That means they are 60-70 years old. They weren't sealed in a shock proof container and stored in a temperature controlled vault awaiting the first peeks of sunlight when lovingly unsealed, with the utmost caution, by a collector in the 21st century. Many of these experienced a war. Wars are rough. Things happen. Bad things.

These shells are all in very good+ condition. There may be a ding or two. If they are heavily pitted, cracked or crushed, we don't restore them. However, some helmets have original, from-the-factory (yes, in Germany), stamping flaws (usually a ripple on the flare) and those we do not reject. The Wehrmacht (the real one, not the pretend one) used them so that answers the authenticity question.

Our paint is just as tough as that used on originals. That means, if you drop the helmet on concrete, it will likely chip the paint. It's not liquid titanium.

Size/ Price
Have a big head? Want to wear a 64 shell to save dough? Get a box cutter, drink a fifth of JD and start scalping. Won't work. The larger sizes are in demand and much more difficult and expensive to get ahold of. I know the deal. I wear a 60 liner. The only way around it is to get lucky at a show or battle a pick one up from somebody who hasn't caught on to the size game yet. But that is becoming nearly impossible to do.

Maker Codes
We will NOT sort these by manufacturer code (such as "ET", "EF", "Q" and so forth.)

What's the difference between M35 and M40 helmets?
Not much.

Vents on M35's are a separate grommet
installed in the side of the helmet

Vents on M40's are simply
stamped into the shell