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Original M42 Helmet, shell size 62
Original M42 Helmet, shell size 62

Price: $224.99

Product Code: GHHM4262

German Helmet shell/ liner size*:

Shell Size 62's are available with 54 or 55cm liners only.
(Equal to US size 6 7/8).

In 1942, the Germans made another change to their standard issue steel combat helmet, in order to further simplify production. The rim of the helmet was no longer rolled under, and instead flares out. This results in the helmet looking slightly larger than the previous models. There was an "M45" helmet which eliminated the air vent, but these are exceedingly rare and insanely expensive, so we will not be able to offer them.

The German sizing system: This aspect confuses many enthusiasts terribly- but it's actually very simple and methodical. German helmets shells, like modern Kevlars, were made in different sizes to conform better to different size skulls. The WWII helmets were made in even sizes 60-72, with the number being the inside circumference of the steel shell in centimeters. Each shell size could accommodate 2-3 different liner sizes, which are marked in even sizes 52-64 which are the circumference of the wearer's head in centimeters.

Our shells: We start with original German helmet shells from WWII. First they are totally stripped of all old paint and rust, then checked for dents and damage and repaired if necessary. Then we spray them with custom mixed acrylic enamel in the appropriate fieldgray shade, and harden it in a paint oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Liners: The finished shells are then fitted with new liners made in Europe. The manufacturer is just outside Prague and has been making the best reproduction liners in the world for over 20 years. The inner and outer bands are zinc coated and marked just like originals, and they are fitted with correct light tan calf skin leather using aluminum or zinc liner pins. The liners are fixed in the shells with our reproduction WWII split pins, copied from original D & C 1941 samples. Finally new chinstraps are fitted and the helmets are as good as new.

Maker codes: There were half a dozen different helmet manufacturers in German in WWII, each with it's own stamp in the shell. We do not offer a choice of maker. It's simply not practical. However, all helmet shells are 100% original WWII- not reproduction!

Paint & shell perfection: These shells are 70+ years old and many if not most are combat veterans. We cull out any badly cracked or horribly dented specimens but small dings or, especially with M42's, stamping flaws may be present in the steel. Our paint color is accurate, but the finish is "combat grade", and not at all what you hope to find on your new Maserati Quattroporte. Real WWII helmets often have runs, drips and "orange peel". Our finish is better than that. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.