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Gray Wool Knit Gloves
Gray Wool Knit Gloves

Price: $34.99

Product Code: GPIWLGLV

German Glove Sizes*:


New, exact reproduction of the WWII German wool gloves. We found a company with looms that make the same knit weave as what was used during the War. A couple of other companies have come close, but the construction was never quite this good. Aside from the yarn content (wool/ acrylic instead of wool/cellulose), these are flawless. They will pass for original. Like the WWII gloves, the size is indicated by the number of wrings inside the wrists- 1, 2 or 3. The more rings, the larger the gloves. These equate to modern S, M, or L, or 9, 10, 11 in US military sizes. (In that order.)
Note: These are hand-knitted closed. A hole often opens up along the web of your thumb- this is a flaw in the original design. Originals all do this too (I went through several pairs of them in the 80's.) They are not returnable for this reason- anyone who knits can fix them.