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German M36 Tunic (ATF)
German WWII M36 Tunic | ATF
Insignia sold separately

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M36 Tunic Size*:


German M36 Tunic
Now available in three different lengths. See below for details.

New generation of reproduction WWII German Feldblusen, made by our contractor using "Texled" patterns. These uniforms are not available from any other vendor! The patterns and grading were made using both original uniforms and wartime German specifications and sizing tables- and I own them- they are here in my office, not fantasies.
The fit and finish is superior to the other imported Feldblusen- No sky high belt hook holes, no suit coat shoulders, no pockets placed in helter-skelter fashion. The fabrics are copied from original swatches- no more olive green wool, pink lining, or "mystery cloth". The shell is 80/20 wool and the lining is 100% cotton. The belt hook holes are the correct size so hooks will actually fit through them. For some mind-numbingly exciting reading, see the "How German Tunics were Sized" page.

As for nitpicking- the factory couldn't find moleskin for the undercollar (typical for M36's) so they used reed green HBT, and some of the internal suspender channels don't align perfectly with the belt hook holes. However, both of these things occur in originals from time to time so....

Model 36 Feldbluse:
The "M36" (model numbers are collector inventions, not WWII German terms) service tunic was manufactured from 1936-40 and issued to all units of the Heer and Waffen SS until the end of the War. They featured a bottle green collar, pleated pockets, partial lining, belt hook hole, split cuffs, first aid dressing pocket, and hook and eye at the collar.

SS vs. Heer: Although the SS did use Heer Feldblusen, they also contracted their own "M36" tunics which deviate in several ways from those of the Heer. However, the external differences are minute and are almost impossible to determine without a tape measure and a spec chart. At this time we do not offer the SS version (most people don't even know there are such things.) In the future it's possible, depending on demand. Wearing these with SS insignia is absolutely historically correct.

Color: The M36's are a greener shade than our other uniforms- this is typical of originals- fieldgray wool began to shift to a distinctly grayer shade sometime in 1940-41. The Sturm uniforms are fairly close to this (greener) color. We suggest the Sturm M37 wool trousers to pair with these tunics of you wish them to be close in color. However, WWII German uniforms rarely match one another in shade so, historically speaking, anything goes.

Length: New 2016

M40 tunics shown. This style similar.


We now have Shorts, Regulars and Longs. Many reproductions are ridiculously long for most people. Particularly those 5'8" and less often look like they are wearing a greatcoat, with sleeves to their fingertips. In WWII, German tunics came in literally dozens of size combinations- we learned their sizing system intimately while making our Texled uniforms. The German military based their jacket lengths on one's torso measure- the kurze Taille. This is the distance from the base of the collar to the narrowest part of the waist, where the belt hook holes (and hence the belt) will fall. Each size nominally corresponds to a range of heights. Below is a table with our sizing. Like the Germans in WWII, chest/ tunic size does not effect the length. In other words, a Small short has the same torso and sleeve lengths as an XXL Short.

Size Height Range *Torso Length **Sleeve Length
Short 5'4"-5'8" 41cm 59cm
Regular 5'9"-6'0" 45cm 64cm
Long 6'1"-6'4" 47cm 69cm
*Torso Length = base of collar to the level of the center belt hook hole (the total length of the back is about 25cm more)
**Sleeve Length = shoulder seam (where the sleeve attaches) to the cuff


1. Alterations:
We no longer offer alterations.

2. Insignia Sold Separately!

3. Insignia: See the
Heer Insignia page or the SS Insignia Page for a complete list of available insignia.

4. Sewing: We no longer sew insignia on uniforms.