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M4 S Sock, Oa A, Size L

Price: $89.99

Product Code: GUS42O

This is the most common smock seen in the latter half of the War. The changes were the result of battlefield experiences. M42 smocks were designed to be worn under the fieldgear-the waist was higher and the smock is longer. Two reversible pockets were provided at the waist and loops for attaching camouflage were provided on the upper body.

ATF Smocks: Our smocks are the only ones other than SMW who actually used an original smock to pattern. Our poplin is made like real fabric, with tightly woven, fine yarn that is tough yet not terribly thick. The colors and pattern were taken from a mint condition oak zeltbahn that I still have in the office. These are available only from ATF- they are not the same smocks sold by other vendors.

Sizes: WWII SS smocks only came in one size- HUGE.
The other reproductions that come in S, M, L, etc are BS. These are the same size as originals.