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"Texled" M40 SS Smock, Palm
"Texled" M40 SS Smock, Palm

Price: $199.99

Product Code: GUSM40P

New, ATF reproduction of the M40 reversible smock in the "Palm" pattern camouflage. This products is exclusive to At the Front- they are not sold by any other company.

Our "Palm" pattern camouflage is the result of 4 years of research, trials, errors, headaches and sundry activities. It is the only reproduction on the market that has the correct size and design in the pattern. The other products have added artwork in the pattern in order to allow them to printed on modern rollers- which are not available in the WWII size. How did we pull it off? Our printer has a new, mechanical flat screen set up which allows just about any size to be made. The artwork was taken from my authentic WWII M40 palm Tarnjacke, and the colors were taken from several different originals.

The fabric not some random poplin we found at the textile auction- it was custom woven from a swatch of real period cloth with the fine yarn, and super tight tight weave (90 x 64) that helps it shed water. (No gap is visible between the fibers if you hold it up to a light- just like the real material.) For good measure, all fabric was treated with Teflon water repellent finish after printing.

The colors were a trick since my smock is worn- but I found that each color was used on other patterns- so I took swatches of other authentic camouflage patterns and matched them to other original palm smocks- a truly thrilling activity.

The smock pattern itself was taken quite literally, straight from the real one. WWII SS smocks typically measure 60" around the body, 74-76" cuff to cuff and 32-34" down the back. I made ours with an extra inch or two in sleeve and body length since they will shrink slightly when washed (or get wet and dry). Every seam, panel, placket, and measure is as the smocks made in WWII. Our thread is the correct dark, dark gray seen on most originals- it has a cotton exterior with a center core of polyester- 100% cotton breaks too much to be practical. The sides are assembled on our double needle machine- which is a a chain stitch rather than lock type. Thus the bottom stitch looks a bit different than WWII. (The only WWII German uniforms on which I have seen chain-stitch are a few 44 dot and Panzer trousers.) There are often a couple of "spit outs", especially when crossing thick areas at the waistband when some of the edge of the fabric misses the folder- nearly every original has these too.

The front is closed with 5 pairs of sewn eyelets- originals are hand or machine sewn- and I was able to set our machine to mimic the look of the hand stitching. The drawcords are the correct flat-woven rayon material. (They were not issued with leather laces.)

Shading: M38 and M40 Smocks were generally more homogeneous than the later M42 types- so these we have made with only minor use of small parts in other patterns/ shades.

Size: At this time we only have one size- that of the originals. As stated above, the body is 60" around which typically fits up to 48-50 chest. There were no "small" SS smocks in WWII- as designed, they were intended to fit over everything- even the greatcoat and fieldgear. In practice, the latter is rarely seen, but these are very roomy. Later in 2018 we do plan to make some extra extra big models for the modern western physique, but not at this time.

Assembled in USA with imported materials.

History: The M40 Palm smocks appear in period photos during the invasion of Russia in the Summer of 1941. The smocks were quite prevalent in the Waffen SS units though the battle of Kursk, after which the photographic frequency declines, but they not uncommon in Normandy and are still seen occasionally even in 1945. They were general issue to all Waffen SS combat units.

Washing: Hand wash or dry cleaning recommended.