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German Army Tropical Shirts
German Army Tropical Shirts

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Khaki-olive cotton shirt issued for service in North Africa and the Mediterranean areas of operation. These feature pleated breast pockets, scalloped flaps, shoulder board loops, split cuffs and authentic maker and size marks.

The German military began the War wearing a white collarless shirt first issued in 1933. This was rapidly found to be impractical due to the bright color and the lack of a collar. In 1940 a more practical model appeared that was made from field gray knit cloth with a collar. At some point, shirts appeared with 2 breast pockets. All of these shirts were rather long- much more so than a regular dress shirt. If you have ever worn trousers with suspenders and a tunic- and had the shirt come untucked- you will immediately appreciate the reason for the added length.

The sizes run as follows:
Size I = 15" neck (S)
Size II = 16" neck (M)
Size III = 17" neck (L)

Size IV = 18" neck (XL)
Size V = 20" neck (XXL)

Insignia: This varied widely- it appears that most troops wore nothing on their shirts, while others wore shoulderboards and a few had breast eagles. Occasionally an award badge is seen.

Variations: Like most German uniforms, the service shirts exhibited numerous variations. The color varies widely from stone gray, to pea green to field gray. The cloth can be knit, aertex (looks like a waffle pattern) or cotton poplin. Some shirts have pockets, most do not.

Washing Instructions: Machine or hand wash cold, hang dry.