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Sateen Erbsentarn Trousers
Sateen Erbsentarn Trousers

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GUT44SAT

Sateen Erbsentarn Trouser Size*:


Reproduction of the Waffen SS "44 dot" camouflage trousers in sateen cotton cloth. This uniform appeared in the Spring of 1944 and was worn until the end of the War. These uniforms were made from nearly a dozen different fabrics, with this being the most common after Drillich HBT. It is sometimes referred to in references as "polished cotton" or "Oliana cloth".

ATF's 44 Dot: We have spent five years developing these uniforms, with only original WWII examples of garments and fabrics used in the process. I believe we are the only company which uses the true SS pattern for the garments- everyone else (including the pricey ones) based their designs off Heer "reed green" uniforms. All of the details peculiar to the Waffen SS are duplicated- the shorter rise, nearly vertical pocket openings, buttons, lining material, and reinforcements. For more information on originals see our "About 44 Dot" page.

Washing: Yes, these are washer/ dryer safe. However, it's best to button the uniform and flip it inside out before putting it in a machine otherwise the tumbler will knock the paint off the buttons. Hand wash/ hang dry is the best to reduce fade.

Waist size: German trousers adjust at the waist just like BDU pants. Simply find which one corresponds to your waist size and that's it. These don't "run" big, small, right, left, short, tall.....etc..

Inseam: All trousers have a 32" inseam. This is long enough for nearly everyone as these trousers are meant to stop at your ankle, rather than drape over it like jeans or slacks.

Shrinkage: We compensated for this in the pattern. They will shrink about 1.5" in length.

Custom orders? We have no ability to offer "custom" sizes or bespoke clothing of any kind.