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Heer Tropical Trousers
Heer Tropical Trousers

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In 1940, the Wehrmacht designed a series of uniforms and equipment for troops operating in hot weather areas. Initially troops were issued with corduroy breeches which proved to be unpopular. By 1941, more practical straight leg trousers had appeared. These are made from the same uniform cloth as the cap and tunic, lined in white cotton twill, and feature a built in belt made from 4cm HBT web and fixed with a unique 3-prong buckle. This style of trouser was worn throughout the North African desert campaigns, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy and is occasionally seen on troops in France and Russia.

ATF's Tropical Uniforms: As with most other products, these uniforms are absolutely unique to us. The majority of vendors sell the uniforms made by Sturm or one of the Chinese dealers on ebay. These are in no way related. Our contractor used my original 1st Model tunic, fabric samples from an original, unissued uniform (that mice had mangled), and the German WWII sizing tables we acquired from Berlin (Hdv 337) that we use with our Texled uniforms. Original DAK uniforms come in several weights and shades of fabric- some are nearly denim. I chose the thinner cloth in order to make the uniforms more comfortable in hot weather (there was no cost savings). The color is a golden olive that appears to be the most "typical" shade found on unused originals. These fit correctly, and I believe that we are the only company to have actually reproduced the 3 prong buckle.

Washing: These are actually washer/ dryer safe, but hand wash cold and hang dry is still the best option for longest life etc.

Sizing: Like modern BDU/ ACU pants, the belt allows these to adjust several inches. All inseams are 34" and are easily hemmed.
The size label in the pants are marked small 32 medium 36 large 40 extra large 44. This has nothing to do with how the pants fit or are adjusted.

Bleaching: Afrika Korps uniforms present a special problem in that some guys will want to look like an "Alte Hase" with the nearly white uniform. One can bleach these uniforms- they will lighten and gradually go to beige. Unlike some other reproductions, they don't turn orange. I got the best results by wetting the uniform, then spraying it with a bleach & water mix in a spray bottle. Spray it on, wait a few minutes, if you want it lighter, hit it again.