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German M43 Field-Gray Wool Trousers (ATF)
WWII German Fieldgray M43 Trousers Keilhosen

Price: $109.99

Product Code: GUTM43A

M43 Keilhosen Size*:


Reproduction German WWII field gray trousers. These are the grayer shade (more in keeping with later War uniforms), and feature reinforced seat, ankle ties and stirrups, belt loops, watch pocket, accurate WWII style markings, adjustment tapes, button fly, full thigh and seat like originals. Buttons are dished metal.

Note! Unlike the most common reproductions available, the prongs on our adjustment buckle do not snaps off the first time you touch them. We don't use the crappy cheap hardware. These are a different product.

The M43 German uniform trousers appeared in late 1942 and were issued to the Army, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe ground units. They incorporated a number of improvements over the previous trousers, carried over from WWI. After 3 years of combat experience, a number of changes were made. Most notable were tapered ankles to fit the leggings better, reinforced seat for improved durability, and belt loops. (In order to lower one's trousers while wearing suspenders requires removing the equipment and the coat: This was found to be rather dangerous in certain situations.) Our reproductions duplicate the original garment to the last detail. The watch pocket, corded keyhole buttonholes, side-adjustment tapes and twill tape stirrups are all reproduced.

Sizing: Made in standard US waist sizes. Sorry, we will have nothing larger than 40" due to a mistake by the manufacturer.

80/20 wool/poly