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SS-BW Marking
SS-BW Marking

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Uniforms made at WVHA run clothing factories often were marked generically with "SS-BW" (SS Bekleidungswerk). A few facilities had their own stamps (Ravensbruck and Ostindustrie) while private contractors used either their name, RB number or a 3 digit SS code. Amongst collectors and enthusiasts, "SS BW" is by far the most sought after.
Our stamp is one of several correct size and fonts seen on originals.

This has been seen on tunics and trousers, wool and "44 dot".
SSBW stamps are not present on smocks, fieldgear, helmet covers, or slings.

It seems to have first been used around 1942. Early War uniforms were marked "VA1939 or 40" or occasionally "Eigentum der WVHA".

Note! The stamp may not be perfectly even, exactly perpendicular to the placket, squared with the belt line, etc, etc.. It's ink, not a laser printer...
Originals were very casually "whacked" with the stamp.

Our SS M42 Tunics are already marked with this stamp.