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Imported Cartridge Belt
Imported Cartridge Belt

Price: $49.99

Product Code: USGCBIMP

Pockets correctly sized American made
Lift the Dot
Same color as actual
WWII belts- which was
not beige

Reproduction of the M1923 Cartridge Belt which was the standard issue combat belt for soldiers and Marines equipped with M-1 Garand or Springfield rifles during WWII. These are made from 100% cotton, o.d. no. 3 (khaki) webbing, each pocket closes with a press fastener and comes complete with the internal straps to hold stripper clips.

We realize that many people struggle to afford our USA made belts, so we have been working with one of our overseas contractors to develop a good quality belt that doesn't fall apart the first time one tried to open a snap or fasten the buckle. The new line of belts is very close in quality to our own- these are actually better than I had expected. Firstly, the webbing is outstanding- it's shuttle loomed and looks like original material- not burlap like most of the other imported reproductions.

The other, and most important difference between our belts and those sold by nearly every other vendor is the snaps. Chinese and Indian made "lift the dot" type fasteners are awful and are the primary reason for the cheap belts failing. Either they break, won't stay snapped or are nearly impossible to close at all, much less open again. We have had many people ask us to repair their junkie belts where the sockets have been ripped out simply due to the poor guy trying to open the flaps. This problem was solved simply by using the good American made snaps. However, they cost about $1 each which raised the price of the belts by $10. We also eliminated the straps in side each pocket for stripper clips as they are superfluous and this saved $5 on the price. (Most of the cheapo belts don't have them either.)
Size: These will extend enough to fit a 40" waist. Larger waistlines will require an extender.