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M1 Carbine Ammunition Pouch
M1 Carbine Ammunition Pouch

Price: $19.99

Product Code: USGPC


To install on stock,
slide it over muzzle
and toward the

Sling prevents pouch from sliding off.

Exact copy of the M-1 Carbine magazine pouch. Holds two 15 round magazines for the M-1 carbine. Loop and snaps are provided to carry the pouch on the trouser or pistol belt. The loops on originals are usually large enough to also fit on the buttstock of the carbine- we test fit our pouches to be sure they will fit. Olive drab no.3.

How does it fit? This was not specifically designed to fit on the stock- soldiers simply figured out that it could be done. To install it on the stock, unsnap the sling at the barrel band, slide the pouch over the barrel and down to the buttstock. (If they were large enough to go from the butt end, they would fall off.)

Made in USA.
size 4 1/2 x 5 (same as originals)