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Transitional Lightweigh Ga Mak Bag
Transitional Lightweigh Ga Mak Bag

Price: $59.99

Product Code: USGPLGBTR

"Transitional" version of the Lightweight Gas Mask Bag. When the Quartermaster switched over to olive drab no. 7. the contractors were permitted to use up their remaining stocks of the older color fabric which led to many items being made from both shades of canvas and webbing. Thus, "Transitional".

Note on actual combat use: Many soldier's simply "lost" the gas mask, cut off the leg strap and used the bag for carrying miscellaneous "junk". They are a perfect size to carry on your side- smaller than a musette bag and bigger than a German breadbag. Approx. Size: 12" x 10" x 5"

Does NOT include gas mask, filter or any mask accessories.

Made in USA