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M1 Garand Bayonet

Price: $34.99

Product Code: USGWM1B


Reproduction of the WWII M1 bayonet and M3 Scabbard issued to US soldiers and Marines equipped with M1 Garand rifles from early 1943 until the end of the War. These were introduced to replace the unwieldy 16" M-1905 and M-1942 models. They differ only in having a shorter 10" blade. The bayonets could be worn on the belt or fastened to the side of the Haversack or 782 pack.

For M1 Garand rifles only. These will not fit M1 Carbines!

We will NOT ship knives or bayonets outside of the United States. No International Orders!

Carbine Bayonets?
(Why do we have to explain this on the Garand bayonet page? Apparently a great many people simply refuse to believe us that these won't fit on their carbines no matter how many times and in how large a font we say "will NOT fit Carbines!". It's maddening.) FYI, this is VERY common knowledge among US weapons enthusiasts and is hardly a secret.

M1 Carbines were not originally designed to take a bayonet. Troops using carbines were equipped instead with M3 Trench Knives. In mid-1944, the M4 bayonet and accompanying T4 bayonet lug were introduced for the Carbine. The only Carbines produced in WWII with the T4 bayonet lug were Winchester and Inland models made after August 1944, and even then not all of those had it due to production delays. (Previous production weapons had no lug and thus cannot take a bayonet.) Therefore, the vast majority of M1 Carbines used in WWII
did not even have a bayonet lug. After WWII, the military added the bayonet lugs to Carbines during arsenal re-building.
Normandy? No way. An M1 Carbine with a bayonet lug could not have been at D-day. So basically, if you are reenacting WWII, having a Carbine with a bayonet lug is a blatant "history violation" unless you're portraying a soldier in 1945.