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USMC P44 Cap
USMC P44 Cap

Price: $19.99

Product Code: USHCP44

USHCP44 Sizes*:


There will be NO RESTOCK of these caps. Our license from the Marine Corps expires at the end of this year. Future caps essentially have to made in the USA which would double the price, which would kill sales so....end of the road.

Up until late 1944, the Marines used the Army M1943 cap. (Some references will call this a "P41 cap"; but it is really just the Army cap in Marine service.). It was worn with a pin on EGA or no insignia. The P44 is the same design, except for slightly longer bill and the top has been rotated about 20 degrees to put the flat to the front and allow the EGA to be printed on. They did not see widespread service until Iwo Jima due to their late introduction.

Our P44 caps were copied from an original WWII cap. The EGA's are professionally applied and heat cured- they are not "iron ons", hand stamped or decals.
Like originals, EGA's may be partially obscured by the band or off center by up to 3mm.
If this is unacceptable, DO NOT ORDER ONE.

Important Sizing Notes
1. If you wear a size we don't make (We DO NOT make sizes 6 7/8, 7 1/8, 7 3/8, 7 5/8 or 7 7/8) then simply order the next size larger. Do not order one smaller. This is apparently a shock to several people, but if you wear a 7 1/8, then a 7 will be too small. Yes, I'm positive. Cross my heart hope to die and pinky swear. Thanks.

2. All HBT caps and hats are slightly oversized (about 1/4") to allow for shrinkage. This is NOT an error. It is called experience. We have learned over the years that cotton caps shrink when they get wet and dry. Were we to make new caps true to size, they would end up too tight after they were washed or simply worn and sweated in. So, if your cap is a little loose when you try it on, that's OK. If it falls over your ears, then you need a smaller size...