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M1 Steel Pot
M1 Steel Pot

Price: $59.99

Product Code: USHHM1SP

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Standard issue steel pot for all soldiers and Marines (except paratroopers) with infantry chinstraps.

We are now offering steel helmet shells separately. These have been refinished and had chinstraps installed. These do NOT have liners.

Rear Seam: November 1944 or later production. The seam on the rim of the helmet is at the rear.

Front Seam: WWII: Pre-1944 production. Definitely WWII. Yes, they are dramatically more expensive. The price is nuts. But, we are having a difficult time finding more and really do not want to sell them on their own. Due to constant badgering, here you go. It's a much better deal to buy the complete helmet.

Condition: As with the liners, these are genuine US military issue steel pots. They are not brand new. They have seen service in the real military and there may be some evidence of their use. They are in very good to excellent condition, but dings, blemishes or even small cracks are possible. If they look to have been used as a hammer or crushed by a fat lady's backside, we don't use them. But if you are seeking utter perfection, or fear a small ding will leave you vulnerable to serious injury from Airsoft pellets, then you may want to look elsewhere....