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USC P4 Cmouflage Uniform Package
USC P4 Cmouflage Uniform Package
Helmet not included

Price: $1,119.99

Product Code: USPKGP42

USMC Helmet Cover or P44 Cap*:

Choose USMC Jacket*:

Choose USMC Trouser*:

Complete set of reproduction WWII United States Marine Corp "Frogskins". This was commonly seen during the latter part of 1943 and into 1944, most famously at Tarawa.

Package consists of:

USMC Helmet Cover or P44 Cap
P42 Camo Jacket
P42 Camo Trousers


1. P44 Caps are green. There was never an issue "cammie" hat to match this uniform.

2. We now have items from 3 different runs of fabric. We cannot guarantee perfect color matches between all trousers, jackets and helmet covers. WWII issue uniforms were notoriously shaded, with even individual garments having noticeable color shifts between body panels. Most likely, the jackets and trousers will match, while the helmet covers are slightly different in tone.

This is not a flaw or historical inaccuracy in any way. Just a result of camo printing realities, just as it was 70 years ago.