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1st Pattern HBT Package
1st Pattern HBT Package

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Product Code: USPKHBT1

1PT HBT Set Hat Size*:

1PT HBT Set Jacket Size*:

1PT HBT Set Trouser Size*:

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Description Sizing Information
First Pattern HBT Set

First Pattern HBT Jacket
First Pattern HBT Trouser
Light Shade HBT Cap

100% Cotton
Trouser Sizing/ Shrinkage: Our trousers are sized like modern pants- they lie to make you feel thinner. They run about one size larger than marked. Levi's, Docker's, and Wranglers are the same way.

So, what size do I wear?
1. If you base your size on Gap jeans, Docker's, etc, etc, and wear a 34 in those, then our 34 will work. (Our "34" measure 35.5 -36 actual).
2. However, if you are basing it on original trousers, suit pants, or a tape measure (which do not lie), then you can wear our 32.
3. The waist does not shrink appreciably when washed.

If you think I'm lying or trying to cover up a mistake, too bad so sad- I'm not. Get a tape measure and see what your waist really is. Or just measure your favorite pants and prove me right.

They shrink! Like all cotton pants (or shirts) the inseam will shrink when washed! Our inseams are accurate, 34" when new. Final shrinkage is 1.5-2 inches on the inseams.
Do not hem them until after you have washed them!