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"50th" Jackets
"50th" Jackets

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Note: These jackets are not stocked. They are a custom sewing job- We modify re-inforced jackets only as needed which may result in a shipping delay of 2-3 business days. (We will NOT modify Standard Jackets!)

Not returnable.

In many period photos of the 506th taken during the fighting in Normandy, a notable percentage of their jumpsuits had been modified by the addition of extra pockets. We have modified some of our jackets in similar fashion by adding extra pockets to the sleeves and a 101st patch.

Pockets do NOT match! The spare pockets are made from different batches of material. It is the same 8 oz. cotton twill as the uniform, but the shade varies. This is historically accurate- in WWII, this was not done at the factory.The individual troopers cannibalized worn out jump jackets for pockets and then stitched them onto theirs. Often by hand. Not only were they likely a different shade, but the originals were heavily worn too. Talk about mis-match- how did they ever fight a war like that. Eeew! If this shade difference offends your sense of fashion and is unacceptable to you, then do not order one. We do not have matching fabric so no matter how loud you scream, matching pockets won't happen.

The 506th was NOT the only unit to modify their jump jackets. Some troopers in all of the parachute regiments modified their jackets- in numerous ways. Not just like these. Calling them"506th jackets" is simply an easy way for us to identify these. Shipping Delay: It will probably take 2-3 days extra for us to get these shipped. We modify these individually and the girls are only here 4 days per week.

Rank Chevron restrictions: Due to the placement of the pockets on the sleeves of 506th jackets, the rank must be sewn onto the pocket flaps. The highest rank possible to sew on these is Sergeant due to the size of the flaps. Staff, Tech, Master or First Sgt. chevrons will NOT fit on the pocket flaps. You'll either have to go without or promote yourself to officer rank.

Color Note: The color in the photos will vary due to the settings on your computer monitor. We are 110% certain that these uniforms are a correct WWII shade of olive drab no. For more info about the color of original WWII uniforms, click here.