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Twill M41 Jacket
Twill M41 Jacket
Insignia sold separately

Price: $149.99

Product Code: USUJM41T

Twill M41 Size*:

Description Item History

Heavier shell,
slightly thicker lining

Realistic Spec

Same design as
poplin M41's

Original Twill M41

Our Twill M41 Jacket is the first reproduction of this variant. At some point during the production life of the M1941 Field Jacket, one or more contracts were fulfilled using olive drab no. 3 cotton twill rather than the olive drab no. 2 shade cotton poplin fabric. This is the same fabric used in the manufacture of Tanker, Paratrooper and Arctic Jackets. We suspect this was done due to a shortage of the poplin cloth, or simply due to allowances in the specification for substitute fabrics. Original examples are relatively rare, but do turn up. The M38 Parson's Jackets were also made from both fabrics.

The twill fabric is heavier than the poplin, and the lining in some of the original examples I have handled was also thicker than that of poplin M41's. This results in a jacket that is physically heavier and warmer, very similar to a Tanker of Arctic Field Jacket.

Label in original example

Issue: These were no specific to any particular unit, as they are simply a manufacturing variation, rather than a separate Quartermaster item. Thus, they could be found in any unit of the US Army during WWII.

For photos and information on Original Field Jackets Click Here.

Care: Dry Clean Only! If you wash or dry these in a machine, the wool lining will pill up (get fuzzy), and shrink dramatically causing the jacket to pucker. You can hand wash them in cool water and hang dry them as well.


If we made these in the USA, the price would double- and we'd have to import the fabrics.
  • - Patterns made from original samples
  • - Colors matched to original jackets
  • - Heavy cotton twill shell
  • - Correct plain woven,wool blend lining
  • - Genuine, right opening Talon brand zipper
  • - Realistic spec labels
  • - Dry Clean Only!