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USMC T-Shirt
USMC T-Shirt

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Until 1944, the Marines were issued white t-shirts as their standard undershirt. At this point, the Navy Department determined that white was not the best color for purposes of concealment, so a green version was issued. Prior to this epiphany by the gods of supply, Marines had been dying their white shirts with black, green or brown dye as they had realized the concealment problems some years previously.

Our reproductions are dead-on to the original (it took 2 years to find a mint condition one to copy). They have the same external serging, wide, open necks, and 1940's cut. Meaning, unlike modern "homeboy" shirts, ours form to your body. Originals vary greatly in shade, but we got a very good pea green color that matches my original closely. The only deviation was the fabric itself- the manufacturer refused to use material as thin as originals. (They were very flimsy.) This cloth is still thinner than most modern shirts, but it holds up well. I have test-driven one for most of the summer and it's been fine. The closest comparison I can think of is that ours are similar to the soft T-shirts sold by J.Crew.
These are "generically" marked M, L, XL.

Washing? Like all our garments, for longest life and least fade, hand wash cold/ hang dry is best. 100% cotton However, these are washer/dryer safe. I've tried it.

*Comparison pic: The original is the front shirt. The color is a better match "in person". The original fabric has a grain or texture to it which gives a coarse appearance. Originals also vary widely in shade. It's also about 30% thinner than ours- you can tear it almost as easily as a paper towel. Bottom line, these are puke green like they should be, not olive drab.

Stitching: Yes! The collars are "right". These are actual WWII reproductions, not simply random shirts we had dyed. Ours have the wide neck and the same double-loop serging around the collar and shoulders. This is clear in the comparison.

For more good photos of original USMC undershirts illustrating both of these points, see "USMC Uniforms, Insignia and Personal Items of WWII" pages 354-359.
  • Comparison to original (picture 3)